Tuesday, December 10

The Expectations of Adam

He came from a plane beyond this one
With words writ on his heart,
With patches sewn across his eyes
And solitude his companion dear,
This Adam, cast from someplace pure
To move throughout this land.
Expectations made demand,
Took root beneath a callous sun,
And those who saw him were so sure
To play their ever-standard parts.
Simplicity reigned; he had no fear,
For what woe could be realized?
This Adam read through no disguise,
Offered every whim a hand.
His creed held hostage what was clear
To everyone who’s anyone.
Faith in fruition was his art;
He’d not been warned there was no cure.
Elusive prospects were his lure,
But luster masks disastrous lies.
Constrictions nibbled, picked apart--
Harbingers of dwindling sands.
He fast lost hope, was forced to shun  
What once had given him such cheer.
Twisted brows and mocking sneers
Into real disdain matured,
But none of it could be undone.
What never quite materialized
To eternal isolation damned
This one, an end before his start.
So from this world he did depart,
His dreams in rot, desires smeared,
Unwilling sacrificial lamb
Forfeited to reassure
Believing expectations wise
Is foolish when the wheel's begun.

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