Thursday, February 12

Vixen of the Sea

Vixen of the sea
Sharp anemone.
Drew him with a spark of light
Ran him through.
How deep her crime
She wore his blood
And was divine.
Stopped his heart without remorse,
Vixen of the sea
Sharp anemone.

Wednesday, February 4

Piano Key Man

piano key man with your tinkling tune
piano key man will your heartache end soon
piano key man the air waits with full lungs
piano key man can you ever be done

the black and the white and the dark and the light
the silver and gold and the chalk and the bright
not worth what is given, not worth what is kept
not worth one who’s smitten, not worth one who’s left

who’s hiding from you in this filmy, soft night
attempting to shelter herself from the fright
piano key man with your whimsical tune
please oh please please make this culminate soon