Thursday, April 19

Comes the Warning

comes the warning, still the same
the scarlet of a stranger shame
no respite in a fast reprieve;
tease, what hide you up your sleeve?
too feral to make tame

faces tire of this game
the clay-made men, those born of flame
are left in dust and fast to grieve
comes the warning

clarion voice made cold and lame
calls its cry, the curlew came
above in gray his words deceived
decrees what cannot be achieved
swift motion meant to claim
comes the warning

Wednesday, April 18

In Hand I Take Another's

disdain his name the tissue wall
it keeps its distance miles tall
a heart moves like no other’s--
in hand I take another’s

smolder stars beneath the ash
a broken chaos left to crash
this heat, it means to smother--
in hand I take another’s

woke from dazes drugged and dry
scorn the fractured warning cry
we dare to disown brothers--
in hand I take another’s

palm to palm the lines engage
markings breathing once uncaged
rare flutters arouse bother--
in hand I take another's

Tuesday, April 17


it came to pass, the time ordained,
from six to nine in darkness sat
blood moon eclipsed a startled pain

made plain, unstable earth enrapt
and effloresced the root of night
where all its creatures fast were trapped

a robe of ever-blinding white
around the naked frailness wound
aglow with frost, a shining blight,

the drought both clear and crimson drowned
for three plus three and three is nine
three more is twelve, the trumpets sound

four threes: the moment blindness dined
unwind the curse, outlandish bane,
or ever more wends vile design

Wednesday, April 11

Glass Eye

The lazy eye
The softest eye
The sunken eye
The eye is glass

The crazy eye
The stoic eye
The shrunken eye
The eye of brass

Took it in and out to tease them
Took it in and out to please them
Goggling from cups of water
Ogling at all his daughters
Strangers watching, gathered round it
Says he lost and you just found it
Makes a grin and makes her gag
Lots of laughter to be had
But who is watching, black dilating,
When we think the eye’s just waiting?
Whose deep arrow goes on mission
Sending tidings on commission?

Glass it is
And brass it be
But who’s on vigil,
Sly sentry?

Saturday, March 24

The Mirror

silver paper mercury, no eye escapes its deep    
for years endures against the wall   
down marbled corridor and hall 
the labyrinth’s veins asleep

promises of what might be, its syrup ever sweet
forever men have known the call
their misted minds have felt the fall
the mirror’s murmurs beat

Anticipated living step!
within, the tangle palpitates
fleetly it will dine

Who wanders, aimless, to his death?
the glass accepts his proffered bait
dead do not repine

Friday, March 23


Darkheart in a burning room
Welcome home he'll join you soon
Cares in crystals far above
Morphing shadows sing of love 
Caught you unexpectedly
Caught you in a wood, you see
Flaming head and reddish eyes
Darkheart met you tenderized
Bird and beast, his shape in shift
Moved you then, your heart adrift
Told you that you'd always win
Told you that to wane were sin
Darkheart cold and darkheart ice
Darkheart smiles but not so nice
Meets you where the need rides high
Takes you down where monsters sigh
Leaves you lonely in the black
Leaves you empty, wants you back

Thursday, March 15

The Pretty Ones

they draw their lines with looks, the pretty ones
give only what they want,
sweet amethyst caves where wanderers lose
plumose words from pinkened doors
fading boundaries against the blackness
where no one, nothing enters unbidden

they move beyond this realm, the pretty ones
with poems beneath their eyes
hunger without but never within
breath expiring in flightless aviaries
orienting themselves toward the brightest stars
for none divert their paths

they mystify the sophists, the pretty ones
exist in essence to humble the world
amplify stain where much is old
the eloquence of form in every hazy motion
the consequence of love’s more fatal notions
and never can cause be known