Friday, January 31


You left me with a head full of honeydew,
A brain fashioned only for foolery.
I pleaded with fate when I saw you

That once; you dressed my insides in jewels.
Stiffness embraced the retinue
Then, annealed their limbs in misrule.
The dark-hearted galaxy, liquid aurora,
With earth underfoot commenced a duel
And made of me a new Pandora.
Opals adorned bright heaven’s breast,
And I, bewildered, mistook gem for flora—
Not zoic but stone beat in your chest.
What’s sweet is so only in blithe speculation.
I name each star awaiting your conquest
And refuse to realize the aberration
Of unequal ambitions; the illusory,
Inevitable ends of futile infatuations.

Wednesday, January 29


graceful veins, stained glass panes
highways of blood long spent
silvery tatting dusting matting 
of locks in strange ways bent
he kisses the dead, the salted lips
a porcelain figure on the sand
foamy flowers bloom for hours 
round the upturned, open hands
moonlit ribbons weave silently 
from stars emitting darkish light
crustaceans clack their paper claws
a shellfish garden unfolds at night
peroxide stain the reward he gains
as crackled light spiderwebs the sky
alone sits he, in the murmuring air
unfair, thinks he, that this must die
loves me, loves me not--
she was his last forget-me-not
penned the words that ended here
on shores where go to die vain thoughts
with tentacles cling those murky things
to rocky wave-crashed shores
just so does he, with anchored heart
return to the deep sea floor

Sunday, January 26


First, last, second.
They create worlds—the they
Of lucid light playgrounds—
Where tulip pastels have their place.
Oiled valleys, layers on layers,
Gouged canyons in painted utopias,
Linseed and turpentine,
A mingled mélange of mindlessness.
You never appreciated straight lines,
Precise projections of the world.
Transfusion of mercuried dreams.
Ambiguous expressions.
Strokes from an unkind brush.
With what impression will you
Leave me?

Friday, January 24


crossing shadows, residing in the merging triangles
always under the others, motley of appendages
scales in radial whorls, watching,
panting, scratching, waiting
for brush of sheet against floor,
harbinger of a barefoot step from the world above
organs palpitating, tongue salivating
ivory claws trembling in incessant anticipation
hairs alert, eyes bulging
with unuttered fear of being left unfulfilled
shouldn’t be here, in this safe place
shouldn’t want to need what it must feed
go back where you came from!
insatiable monster

Thursday, January 23

Professor Pangloss on Pilosity

Jungle monkeys
Find it funky
We’ve lost our
Mammalian hair.
Leaves the reason
Lying neither
Here nor there.
Seems solution
As to why
Our backs are bare,
But I am sure
We’ve lost our fur
To indulge
Sartorial flair.
We’ve noses for glasses
And virgins for asses;
Solely for such was
Madonna created.
We’ve babies for nappies
And eating for crappies;
For toilets alone are
Res’traunts congregated.
So reason stands
Upon its hands
While we on heads
Wave feet in air
(Which by the by
Is in the sky
For to give our
Lungs great care).
Is foundation
When our discourse
Of pelts blares:
Sagacious men
Concur humans
Aren’t hirtuse for
Our garb affair.

Monday, January 20

Sugar Feed

 yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up 
  yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up
lollipop roxipop
corndog coneslop
dinner mints apple blintz
brittle snow gummy quince
yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up 
 yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up
tootsie square ketchup smear
sticky twist candy tear
mustard seed dirty deed
eat ‘em up sugar feed
yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up 
 yum yum eat 'em up
eat 'em up eat 'em up

Thursday, January 16


                                                      Summer brain, warmth resideS
                                                                      Electric[.] globes, a shining bladE
                                                     Crimson  lips, melting arC
                                        Remain, remain golden[.] tremoR
                                            Every seconyou score, I capitulatE
                             Tiptoes, kisses, palms  press, wheT
                                              Sugar skin on[.] waxen limbS
                                                                      Let it reign, this narrative, so regaL
                                  Incubated utopias,  days of origamI
                                        Vivid fictions we hide, we improV
                                                      Embrace desires[.], valentinE
                                               Inch by inch, disarming cactI
                                                             New maneuvers[.], the game reborN
                                                                      Lingering in paradise, never cynicaL
                                                   Anecdotal thoughts trail magmA
                                                          Yawns release your clever ploY
                                                        Erratic, unbearable lightness, thrivE
                                                       Rumors sweltering, crinkled papeR
                                                      Summer heat[.], folding shapeS

Wednesday, January 15

Ode to Once

Once beneath the radar
Twice amongst his words
Three times within his heart
It didn’t seem absurd.
Once the thought was out
Twice it entered ears
More than that it wiggled in
And lounged and choked out tears.
Once he spoke aloud
It faltered, fractured, faded
So far away
Far, far away
Thrust into lives
We’re made to play
This once was there,
And then decayed.
So goodbye, once, long jaded.

Tuesday, January 14


Clay man crafted one black night,
Debauched creation formed of fright.
Waist and arms and thighs of earth,
Deadened eyes, grin lacking mirth.
Belabored movements, dark delight.
Portent keeps him from the light.
What once was brilliant reignites.
Umbra deepens with his birth--
This monster, scion of the night.
With his purpose, him unite;
Give him mandates borne of spite.
Hungers need not be unearthed,
For he’ll requite the basest worth,
Execute perfidious rites.
Servant of the stygian night.

Monday, January 13

The Quaint Garden

Welcome to this twilit glade.
How does the garden grow?
With creeping vines and leafy twines and
Moss that falls like snow.
What did you hope to find in here?
Regrettably, you can’t leave,
But carve yourself a place to sit;
Don’t fret or fear or grieve.
Be chary of the lichen, there,
It seems to like your boots,
And give yourself a bit of room;
Evade the moving roots.
This fungus—it’s congenial;
It gravitates toward heat.
And worry not over the rot
That strives to swathe your feet.
What’s that? You say you feel a touch
Along your downy neck?
It’s not a thing, just in your mind;
Ignore those reddish specks.
These spine-tipped buds, don’t let them touch
An inch of naked skin;
You can’t be sure they are benign,
So please, you should listen.
 That soil patch, it looks quite ill;
Don't gaze at it too long.
Some tendril might be crawling out
To poke you with its prong.
A sucking sound, you say, my friend?
It must have been the breeze.
No, no, not so—such things don’t glow,
And tongues don’t grow in trees.
Your sense of being watched is false;
No cause for paranoia.
An odd notion, that you’ve been bit--
Teeth are not found in flora.
Your agitation causes pain.
Wherefore assume there’s danger?
No one can be blamed if this
Quaint garden distrusts strangers.

Saturday, January 11

The Dare

subtle dare
this one it hides
it seeks in vain it
piques the interest of
dreams oblique and in a rush
it crashes castles built with bricks
of glass too fragile specters cancelled
dreams dismantled leaving damsels lost and
lonesome held for ransom craving handsome
princes who can not be bothered no
they've other quests to go and so
retreats this chance so rare to
shelter where the silence 
cares for sinful prayers
and wanton shares
of simple

Friday, January 10


Nectar of the noon pastels,
Pinks and mints and buttercups.
Lace-draped laughs whose
Bosoms swell
Fan themselves with glass teacups.
Glitter sparks in pale sunbeams;
Warmth unfolds a syrup scent.
Sweetened gasps undo the seams--
This perfumery is spent.

Thursday, January 9

Precious Savage

Velvet eyes coursing through dreams
Too delicate to recall.
Wild thing, your amorphous boundaries
Need taming.
Your cables a lattice, you climb to windows:
Knock, knock, knock . . .
You're there, in shadows,
A dim prism on a silver thread,
Twinkling in the dark.
Not docile, not you,
Primitive darling.
What smolders in you
Smokes through holes,
Digs into bone, carves ribs, tenses muscle.
Unsavory entrances and exits,
Unwelcome reminders,
Always there:
Precious savage.

Monday, January 6

Luck Dragon

Cloaked in armor tough as nails,
Wrapped in fiery tongues of wine,
Spouting smoky tendrils’ tails;
Stunning is this beast of mine!

Adornéd with the sharpest horns,
Clacking on his claws so fine,
Viewing all the world with scorn;
Fright’ning is this beast of mine!

Colors morphing ‘cross his back,
Scales erupting down his spine,
Counting sparkly jewels in stacks;
Lucky is this beast of mine!

Sunday, January 5


This aviary
Serves to bury
Aspirations deep within.
We wander halls
Of faceless dolls
To lose and find our secret twins.
Small and slight ones
Gone to flight ones
Move soft arms against the panes.
In this cage
We’re on a stage
Where voyeurs struggle to restrain.
Under palms
Are bearing alms
Sweet speakers offering truest peace.
But we neglect
To genuflect
Falling hostage to caprice.
Threads of sun
Are golden spun
Yet we are left to guess at names.
Diaphanous flowers
Dewy showers
Make of tragedies new games.