Thursday, January 16


                                                      Summer brain, warmth resideS
                                                                      Electric[.] globes, a shining bladE
                                                     Crimson  lips, melting arC
                                        Remain, remain golden[.] tremoR
                                            Every seconyou score, I capitulatE
                             Tiptoes, kisses, palms  press, wheT
                                              Sugar skin on[.] waxen limbS
                                                                      Let it reign, this narrative, so regaL
                                  Incubated utopias,  days of origamI
                                        Vivid fictions we hide, we improV
                                                      Embrace desires[.], valentinE
                                               Inch by inch, disarming cactI
                                                             New maneuvers[.], the game reborN
                                                                      Lingering in paradise, never cynicaL
                                                   Anecdotal thoughts trail magmA
                                                          Yawns release your clever ploY
                                                        Erratic, unbearable lightness, thrivE
                                                       Rumors sweltering, crinkled papeR
                                                      Summer heat[.], folding shapeS

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