Tuesday, November 22


convictions force restrictions
when convicted muddles diction
always looming, fast ballooning
into languid, listless friction
mordant morsels, twisted torsos
winding up and down and more so
what you think, you say--you know your way
no patience for the bores, so
if the hour comes for outcomes
and your out becomes your income
while the dreamers doze and daze
men rise to power, madness beckons
hear the schemers blow out steam
the clearest fears elicit screams, be-
cause the demagogue will catalogue
the runniest sunbeam and though
you sleep through all the funny and
you sweep aside the money what
you'll get will never stop so
do you prop up silent sweatshops
yield your voice to toothy pop-ups
what made sense will quickly flip flop
leaving nothing left to say.