Thursday, October 31


might of oak and heft of kin
blocks and logs carved by the din
painted teeth and lolling gazes
wombs and graves in larval mazes
fathers, uncles, siblings, lovers
babies, sages, mentors, mothers
incantations slam the air waves
pen the legends spun in dark caves
lonely, legged, crawling creatures
whittled into wood by teachers
chisel held in shaking hand
totems tower in this land
master, novice, doesn't matter
histories notch in whorls, not ladders

Saturday, October 26


No different, tantamount to her;
The one subsists thought to have died.
Plaintive moments blossom weeds;
Regenerate reveries petrify.

Free! it told her . . . Free! it said.
She, on knee, the pensive nun—
Now disabused, the guilt sets in.
Though love persists, she misses one.

The planes of heart, unparallel
To those of mind (the lunar core),
Span distances, make corners cruel
And then dissent, shape paramours.

Desiccated, wizened fault!—
Engenders posthumous desire,
This nascent creature, filling roles,
Weeps to feel this ember’s fire.

Wednesday, October 23


The bones of my Jurassic past
Arch over into ribs.
They house a good-luck bear, a punk-haired rockstar, and brightly colored shoelaces.
Such things as what we remember of our childhood
We wish we could regain.
A broken-down house, the nettles in a book 
As do the things we no longer know,
Only feel the once-vibrant presence of.
Regress! The years come too fast.
And throbbing, pulsing at the center of it all,
The beginning of a wind tunnel
Whose centrifugal force sucks
Nothing truly remembered
Survives the mortal world.

Tuesday, October 22

When Alice Died

When Alice died,
In her arms, he cried,
While the raven danced round them in rings.

He laid her to rest
With a pearl on her breast;
Above them, the doves moved their wings.

He whispered a prayer
While the evergreens stared,
For the woodland respectfully stilled.

And he left one last kiss
On her pale, bedewed lips.
When he rose, he knew fate was fulfilled.

Sunday, October 20


Where qualms converge
The gray-tipped wings
Of a heart's bluebird
Twitch, falter . . . flutter.
Captive no longer,
Sought refuge by choice,
Preens for a much-anticipated
Sleeps, now, rests its head.
Tucks its beak
Into its delicate breast.
And waits . . .
Waits . . .

Saturday, October 19


Satisfaction comes slowly,
Creeping on soft paws
As a jewel-eyed, gentle creature,
Or sometimes as a ravenous beast
Whose teeth reflect the moonlight
Of a nocturnal world.

An imbalanced calendar
Reincarnates only days of sameness,
Nights of lonely minds and rooms.
The rare intrusion of interest
Is a welcome animal—
Much better if untamed.

Friday, October 18

Still Life

You’re a still life,
Not my real life.

A puppet core pumping in a puppet corpus;
Yet this marionette
Loves the moves her mover makes . . .
Approves the tones her maker takes.

An idyll, pretty as a picture,
Perfect and pure—
Please play in my silent theater
This way, my way.

Realness corrodes, crumbles and fumbles;
Grime mars gray days,
Time chars each fraying page;
Let’s touch and taste in immaculate places.

Stay, my still life—stay.

Thursday, October 17


Mushroom cap, orangey-red,
Sprinked with spots upon your head,
Soft white belly, joy to touch,
Wonder—do you whisper much?
Underneath your hat perched so
Fan the slats, about they go.
Like a pinwheel, delicate,
Spiral eaves so intricate.
At your foot the earth is damp,
Round you all the faeries stamp.
Black the forest, all around,
Bright you glow, so crimson-crowned
While all the while, quiet lies;
A careless step is your demise.

Sunday, October 13

Glass Lawn

Geodic firmament, harboring refulgent facets of pellucid light,
Sparking and spinning against the violet.
Most profound penetration,
Pulling into itself, warping layer upon layer, caves in salt-rock swirls.

Glass fossilizing,
Arms enfolding, embraces long-awaited, much anticipated with restless dreams,
Murmurs and moans and sighs,
Stars in celestial eyes,
Under the spinning orbs on a dark grass lawn.

Thursday, October 10

Devil's Waltz

The greatest sins never abandon
Amber corridors. The devil’s
Dance begins—the wickeds
Waltz, tulle twisting, darkstars
Drumming, fingers feeling, mouths
Melding, crystal coruscating,
Couloirs vibrate, trembling
Tolls resonate.
So sumptuous,
Swelling the sinning soul; reveries
Reward nothing,
Never satisfying, never thrilling
Though but an instant.

Sunday, October 6

The Bones

Click, clack, clock go the bones, go the bones. 
Femurs cloaked in furs and facets 
Moan, groan, moan. 

Chip, snap, chop rolls the head, all alone. 
In the executioner’s basket 
Rife with bones. 

Oooh! Sigh. Aaah! Surge the crowds, minds blown, 
As the satin of the casket 
Stifles every moan. 

Laugh love, laugh! for the liver’s loom was sewn. 
Blood it bleeds in beads gymnastic 
Through the bones. 

Thunk, clunk, chunk shiver chinked tombstones. 
Corpses grin, the freaks fantastic! 
Hellhounds moan. 

Jostle, jangle, in a tangle, down they’ve flown 
Roasting, roiling, acid ashes 
Into pits the bones 
They crashes! Moan, grooan, mooooan.