Sunday, October 6

The Bones

Click, clack, clock go the bones, go the bones. 
Femurs cloaked in furs and facets 
Moan, groan, moan. 

Chip, snap, chop rolls the head, all alone. 
In the executioner’s basket 
Rife with bones. 

Oooh! Sigh. Aaah! Surge the crowds, minds blown, 
As the satin of the casket 
Stifles every moan. 

Laugh love, laugh! for the liver’s loom was sewn. 
Blood it bleeds in beads gymnastic 
Through the bones. 

Thunk, clunk, chunk shiver chinked tombstones. 
Corpses grin, the freaks fantastic! 
Hellhounds moan. 

Jostle, jangle, in a tangle, down they’ve flown 
Roasting, roiling, acid ashes 
Into pits the bones 
They crashes! Moan, grooan, mooooan.

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