Thursday, August 28


Your heart is held
In someone’s hands
Much larger than your own.
It doesn’t show
So you don’t know
Your whims are carved in stone.
Each night you pry
Each day you try
To find your own safe nook.
Then moves the thumb –
Romance is done;
A thirteen-second flipbook. 

Monday, August 25

The Norns

Three women, sensuous faces all,
In netted fabrics shift,
Their fingers pulling taut fine threads,
Their mouths in sanguine, lusty red;
Diverse their voices drift.

Through eyes of marble, jet-veined black,
Through bones and branches, they
Conspire in their siren glow
To mastermind a bestial show;
Midnightish blue holds sway.

Miasmic gleam, sweet dream beguiles!
So delicate the moon
Delineates ethereal limbs
In contrast with complexions grim,
Wandering this lagoon.

If by this spectral séance pass
Ill-fated eye or ear,
A line of goassamer so fine—
Quick measure, cut the tie divine!—
Farewell, oh sad sightseer.

And fast in monstrous fantasy
With scream and horror reveal
Three women, haggard faces all,
Their moist, decrepit mouths appall;
False fates no more concealed. 

Thursday, August 21


Camouflaged consequences,
Jaw-locked zebra
In a little grove.
Striped in sunlight,
Dappled in dew.
Made tame to the willful,
Sheltered in the shade of
A thousand bejeweled trees.

Tuesday, August 19


Joseph, moons and stars bow down
When gravity obeisance claims 
You wander, hopeless, hapless, helpless, seven years of seven dreams

And afterward the dust of what could be remains
These others speak of one another, quarrel and fuss,
So querulous,
While silent suns in orbit round your brain
Interpret technicolor visions through the rain

Jealous, joyless move the clowns 

Saturday, August 16

Little Worm

Little worm
Moving slim, sliding in
Don’t watch for wait for proper whims
Just wriggle, wrestle
Jiggle, jostle
Little worm
Slender string
Trailing tense, sick suspense
We wonder where you watery wind
Depravéd slick
So fickle quick
Slender string
Wheeling wire
Squeaking teeth, underneath
Blind you burrow, binge and breed
Wheeling wire
Wretched slug
Insidious impish lavish bug
Leaves in parts decaying hearts
Drying throat
Slimy coat
Wretched slug

Thursday, August 14

Dark Waters

He walks in shadow--
The void before storms.
She moves in mystery--
Her manner forlorn.

They’ll answer to no one;
To silence they've sworn.
They’re seeking shelter
From the loss they mourn.

When they parted ways,
Over seas, over days,
They never foresaw
The price they’d pay.
Now they long to say
What will tear all away,
But now how I love you
Beneath dark waters lays.

Tuesday, August 12

Velvet Sleep

the small furry thing on delicate toes
tastes its tail, presses its nose

erudition not its game it pads itself into its hole
feathers from his yester-meals conceal, console

it doesn’t think of anything
it doesn’t think of eh-nee-thing
it doesn’t think of n-eeee-th-eeeng
and waits and waits and waits

cold and comfort, fluff and chill
it nuzzles deeper . . . deeper . . . deep

clouds simplistic brain with cotton
sculpts itself warm velvet sleep

Saturday, August 9


The heart is a many chambered manse
Where small things smile
And stairways beguile
Peculiar passwords
Collect in piles

The who, when, why is circumstance
Victory is for the weak
Nike on her fleetest feet
Couldn't fathom failure's
Sweeter treat

Tuesday, August 5

Small Egg

strange little bird in its little bird way 
lost a speckle-deckle egg at the dawn of day
but it won't be going back 
cause the sky is getting black
and little birds are afraid of the dark, they say

perhaps some other creature in the moss soft wood
will determine to take care of it, because she's good
though the half-formed bird inside
maybe rather would have died
than be mothered by another, so misunderstood

it's best if that small egg were dashed upon some stone
where it feeds the leggy ants as it is lying prone
purple eyes forever blind
crisping feathers so confined
ends are only cruel for those to whom they're still unknown

Saturday, August 2

Summer Requiem

When will days be over?
Thousand cornflowers fixed in clover,
Spears of sapphire swaying, emeralds playing,
Towering stalks of sunlit spray.
I traveled time to find somewhere,
Tempered innermost solar flares;
Obdurate garnet, fever incarnate,
Lay me down in the fall-sweet hay.
Affection found delirium,
Sweet summer wrote its requiem;
God remembered, flawless splendor;
Mist and shadow hurry all away.