Thursday, April 27

Diversions Weren't for Such Hearts Made

Diversions weren’t for such hearts made;
No dalliance for recreants.
The master works his supple trade--
Diversions weren’t for such hearts made.
Who happier is who shame evades?
Our dreams decay in senescence.
Diversions weren’t for such hearts made;
No dalliance for recreants.

Monday, April 24

Tableau Vivant

Tableau vivant, immortal pose
Eternal haunts a portal closed.
This visage cruel permutes to kind;
A thread unspooled now fast rewinds.

O shining one, in opal light,
Your hands are free to grasp delight
While solitary here I reign,
Sad sycophant to memory’s stain.

Clandestine musing formed this art,
This slow caress, this frozen hart
Who wept in hope the hunt commence
And each soft breath earn recompense.

The paths diverge, and yet in glass
Impeccable, we dance this masque.
Sweet sacrosanct, uncharted chant,
The living picture peace supplants.

Monday, April 17

Charnel House

mortal crumb, unearthed by dusk
Endymion exposed, moonlight enameled
moss-grown maw, the gaping tusks
round you've gone, Archimedes' trammel

what once were you whose arc completed
now lies darkly dead, defeated?
crumbled bits of life en masse
charnel house--none dare trespass

fragments, figments, what once was
doomed delirium, dans macabre
ferried to the ossuary
mortal cursed if you he rob