Friday, January 31


You left me with a head full of honeydew,
A brain fashioned only for foolery.
I pleaded with fate when I saw you

That once; you dressed my insides in jewels.
Stiffness embraced the retinue
Then, annealed their limbs in misrule.
The dark-hearted galaxy, liquid aurora,
With earth underfoot commenced a duel
And made of me a new Pandora.
Opals adorned bright heaven’s breast,
And I, bewildered, mistook gem for flora—
Not zoic but stone beat in your chest.
What’s sweet is so only in blithe speculation.
I name each star awaiting your conquest
And refuse to realize the aberration
Of unequal ambitions; the illusory,
Inevitable ends of futile infatuations.

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