Saturday, December 14


raise the curtain, pull the strings
hand in glove will make it sing
little handicrafted thing
play on, puppet, play
give it roles, give it wings
dance and clap in rosy rings
light to every face it brings
play on, puppet, play

takes on life of its own
stitched up doll of fabric sewn
sightless eyes, lacking bones
dance on, plaything, dance
with sweet sighs the watchers moan
puppet with their cares has flown
trials now leave them alone
dance on, plaything, dance

fingers shift limbs from inside
no one can from puppet hide
vacant mouth, it smiles wide
growl on, sweetling, growl
again! again! the crowd has cried
deeper into it they slide
feel their hearts and brains collide
growl on, sweetling, growl

puppet wants to play today
puppet wants to find romance
puppet now is on the prowl
puppet leaves nothing to chance

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