Friday, December 13


You hope it will-won't be revealed
What earthly laws by shame conceal:
The Legend penned
In caverns sealed:
A golden runner, dead-end dream,
Impregnable walls, stifling seams.
You break to bend,
So it would seem.

I’m Legend! cries from deep within
You made me thus, now let me in!
You deeper send
His vampire grin.
Imprisoned, lonely in his cell,
He weeps; he plays at casting spells.
A death impends,
This banshee yells.
This dwarf, this Hyde, primordial tale
Shrieks for birth to no avail.
What he intends
Can’t be curtailed.
You wrote him; now he’s yours to bear,
Though nonchalance you’re pained to wear.
Brave heart, defend
This Legend’s dare;
Your dark friend lives. Beware! Beware!

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