Thursday, September 25

Hunter and Prey

Bones and stones and raggedy moans
What lurks in the gloom
Beyond this ghoulish room
Contentious, shadowy soft?
It hovers nearer, ever clearer.
Breath and death past the river Lethe
Where memories move from the mind,
Morph into animals,
Dwarf-like cannibals,
Prowling the woods of a long ago realm.
What becomes of forgotten hurts,
Lusts and musts and things that thrust
Into hearts and brains where primal things reign?
Emperors in ivory towers, babbling
Senseless soliloquies
Hymns to defunct deities
Odes to quaint oddities
Dirty knees . . . look at these,
There, where lost cares and dares
Play hunter and prey amongst
The bone-fingered weeds.

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