Friday, June 13

Cheshire and the Doormouse

The Cheshire Cat, though rather fat, 
was lounging one fine day, 
stretched on a branch, (which, maybe by chance,
didn’t care how much he weighed)
when under his nose, atop its toes, 
the Doormouse waddled by. 
Said Cat to himself, "It’d be good for my health 
to give mouse-eating a try."
Quiet as can be, he crept off the tree 
and started to follow the rodent; 
He pounced on his prey, then spit in dismay, 
for the Doormouse did taste rather potent. 
Disgusted and fussy, home went Cheshire pussy, 
deciding to stick to his sweets. 
As for the mouse, he kept on toward his house, 
for the whole time he’d been fast asleep!

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