Thursday, June 26

Alphabet of Freaks

A is Arachna, the Eight-Legged Girl;
B’s Bearded Ladies, fullest in the world.
C’s for Castrati, listen to them sing!
D is Diablo; we call him the thing.
E’s Elephantine, whose trunk can swish;
F’s Fiji Mermaid, part monkey part fish.
G is Gargantuan, the Giant of Cannes;
H is for Harry, the Lion-man.
I’s for Ivan he throws knives, and
J is Juggler Joe – he’s not so good . . .
K is Kraal the wild woman;
L’s Lobster Leo (he’d shake hands if he could).
We’ve made it to the middle of the alphabet,
But don’t you fret; we’re not done yet.
M is for Mable the two-headed cow.
N is for Nellie the two-snouted sow.
O is for Oscar who walks on a wire.
P is for Pyros who jumps through a fire.
Q is for Queenie who plays with snakes.
R is for Rubber-o—what shapes he makes!
S is for Sue / Sam, the Siamese twins;
T’s Tiny Tommy, as small as a pin.
U is for Chow Chow, human unicorn;
V is for Vanya, who swallows swords.
W’s for weird-limbed contortionists;
X is Xerxes, strong man! See his fists?
Y is where you come in, my reader friend.
Z is for Zoo of Freaks! And this is the end.

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