Thursday, February 27

Traffic Jam

Merging, surging on analysis,
Body in a belt, constrictive paralysis.
Speed up, slow down, slide right in,
Situational awareness—now let’s begin.

One-way means one thing;
U-turn means another.
The first is for the brave;
The second for the others.
Flash red lights; 
Stop on the tracks.
Green's too perilous;
Yellow’s the rack.

Running every stop sign,
Begging to get caught,
I'm swerving into lanes,
Traversing lines that I should not.
Pressing brakes but giving gas;
Coming at you—gotta pass
Cause my foot won’t quit the pedal;
Take my license, still I bet I’ll
Cut you off at every turn.
Screeching tires, rubber burns.
Quaking, braking, no risk-taking,
Won’t see me accelerating.
Blinkers fading, signal crosses,
Pull me over, cut my losses.
Gonna crash into disaster.
Glass will fly and metal scatter.
Skip the questions—I know answers.
Still I’m going fast, and faster.

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