Friday, February 7


Sing fa la la and fa la lay,
For Santa Klaus is on his way!
He brings us toys and lots of treats
And also yummy things to eats.
If we’ve been good for all the year,
Then jolly Santa will be here.

But not so for the naughty ones:
Krampus is out for some fun.

Let’s make some lovely popcorn strings
And hang the tree in sparkly things.
We’ll skip and trot and romp around
While we make lots of joyful sounds.
The chimney is a narrow place,
But Santa fits in such a space.
He’s on his way to this, your house
To take the rotten children out.
While mum and daddy dance awhile,
We make our lists as long as miles.
What sound is this? Is Santa dear
Already with his reindeer here?
And quiet on my satyr hooves
I underneath your window move.
We see no ash, we see no soot.
Where are his glossy little boots?

I climb right up with my big bag
To throw you in like naughty rags.

Would Santy at the panes arrive?
We bees are nervous in our hive.
Aha! And Krampus comes for you
You contumacious little crew.
I’ll catch you, toss you in my sack,
And carry you out on my back.

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