Thursday, May 11

Narrow Passages

so come on
down rabbit holes of glitter and grins
through indigo whorls and fluttering shins
chagrin and fins and cactus pins
to the puffed-up places where fingers form little houses
roofs with skin-touched tips and brushing lips
these little houses made for sweet, discreet mouses
breath-hot faces and untied laces
tracing routes on maps, sweets unwrapped
crinkle, twist . . . your wrist, my hand, resist if you can
narrow passages for eyes devouring eyes and sighs devouring sighs
and push and press—impress, obsess
these falling books with words unspoken, worlds unbroken
breaking, crackling crystals in vermillion skies
distant air thundering from the lung of some god disguised
crumbling glass bricks, artful lunatic
wiser, now that you know . . .
fibers woven slow
in narrow passages waiting for a wicked moment

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