Wednesday, September 21

This House Welcomes

This house welcomes wanderers
Oblong doors turn in
Whisper, whoosh within
Movement mannequin
Lost hope, last love, ruin

This house welcomes wonderers
So this mischief make
So the stairways take
So the dim define
So the grim unwind

And this house welcomes
Paper birds and broken tins
This house welcomes
Welcomes in
Houses grin till hell comes, hell comes
Salutations, welcome, welcome
Come right in it beckons seldom
Jealous bedlam, skin unwelcome
Sinews, shells, and skulls to hell come
Be its guest, the rest pell-mell come
Down through halls and walls the rest come
Claws and maws and gaping jaws--
This house--this house!--it wants you raw

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