Sunday, January 25

Ghostie Cats

When inky black, so dark the night
Falls soft, and dusky forms take flight
The kitties that in daylight bright
Were form and fur, now such a sight!

For leaving catnip beds behind,
And leaving sunshine beams and twine,
The kitties with a new design
In air they curl and roll and wind.

Through windows, walls, and open doors
The ghostie cats so nimbly pour
Up into skies where hours before
Were only wing├ęd things that soared.

Now see them chase the flutt’ry things!
And watch them dip and dive and swing
As if for years they’d yearned for wings.
Those ghostie cats, they yowl and sing.

But not for long do kitties play,
For calling them away, away,
The heralds of the grand soiree
Warn kitties to no more delay.

So dashing up into the stars
The ghostie cats now swiftly are
Ascending farther, farther, far,
Where daylight’s bottled up in jars.

And here the kitties come at last
To walls and halls of colored glass
Where all the ghostie cats amass
To dance and romp in nighttime grass.

The ghost cat band plays spritely tunes
While kitties shake in waves of moon.
Bright jewel fish dart in sky lagoons,
And up above rise mouse balloons.

On tippie toes and agile tails
The kitties prance on backs of whales,
With tiny claws, tap shells of snails
As through the fog their boats set sail.

The bakeries where treats are wrought
Are filled with ghostie cats and ought
To be, for kitties here—the lot—
Make ghost cat muffins, fluffed and hot.

Beyond the walls, both wild and tame,
Ghost cats indulge in ghost cat games,
Like catch the moth and chase the flame,
Circle round, fall down, and name

This cat or that, whose title be
Some thing that no, not ever we
Would give to him or her; you see,
Ghost cats don names in secrecy.

And we who in our sleepy beds
Could never guess that ‘bove our heads
The cats we thought we knew instead
Through skies of starlight skip and tread.

But all the night times end with dawn
So back to earth are ghost cats drawn.
Through bluing skies, soft kitties yawn,
And feline feet pad light on lawns

Where slumb’ring violets glint with dew,
And night owls question “Whoo? Whoo?”
Through windows float their whispered mews;
Their shadows, silky cats pursue.

The next night brings another fest,
So back to beds dear cats must rest
At babies’ feet, on children’s chests,
All snuggled where the warmth is best.

When daylight breaks and sun rays beam,
No one’s the wiser, so it seems,
But lost in sparkled, starry dreams
The ghostie cats plan next eve’s schemes.

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