Saturday, October 25

The Deep

Step into the deep, my dove, where chasms open wide.
Here all pretense creeps, my love, and plasm subdivides.

Suspended in the gloomy gloom your premonitions glow;
Upending the unfinished loom lets admonition grow.

Fibrous faces, silent chases—here desire reigns.
Let your brain its binds unlace; thrill at the insane.

Inky inhibitions slide; now ripens the forbidden.
Murky fades contrition’s pride; siphons clear, once hidden.

Now pulls the pulsing core so close; the rules were held for naught.
Pressure dulls the bogus host, whose ruse no longer mocks.

Canopies of water flecked with fingers grasp for crime;
Righteous words in kelpy wrecks now wallow in the slime.
Diaphanous will lie the bones in vast disastrous heaps
Of all of those who chance oppose what happens in the deep.

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