Sunday, July 27

By Comparison

By comparison, it’s nothing—
just a strange articulation.
Interlocking ossein
involved in bifurcation
building bulwarks, bastions, buttresses and finding flaws in fortresses;
A travesty of parody,
where one form apes my amity.
It isn’t you—that much is true—
but all this mimicry won’t do.
I’ve machinated permutation:
swap ourselves in simulation.
Them for you and you with me—
what a handsome subtlety!
Fool me once, I’ll rue the ruse; trick me twice, I’ll pay my dues.
Bloodless bustle, luckless hustle,
make of this calamity
the grave so destined for this fuss;
the nave where dolts with blunderbuss
are quick to find fragility.

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