Tuesday, May 6


Hearts glimmering, we face the end,
A consummation deprived of friend;
Expectant tremors move the earth
This moment, with our newness birthed.
Together, link your hand in mine.
We will run, run, run. 
Ablaze our passwords, held so long,
Unfastening chords faster than song,
Farewell, blithe reticence, flash away;
Our concord pays for yesterdays,
So never-mind what’s left behind
While we run, run, run. 
I flare into a perfect me!
I burst perfection perfectly!
And you—such thunder, such a show!
My marvel, in awakened throes;
We found our privilege, our finish line—
Trust it now, we are divine:
Come run . . . run . . . run.

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