Thursday, April 3


Three-legged cat, you are far-flung from flawed.
Daft in the head, though, you're certainly odd.
Rub up a hand or snug-nuzzle a knee—
Daffadowndilly, you silly fur flea.
Gray fluff and soft-pelted green-eyed lint ball:
How was that limb lost? In foul play or fall?
Where went the cat leg that could not be saved?
Please to inform me; I’ll visit its grave.
Simple your heart beating in pillowed chest.
Kit so contented, no struggles, no stress.
Trust in the giant that fills up your bowl;
Simpleton joy burbles straight from your soul.
Seat on a sofa—look out! Here’s the cat!
Grinning  Atreyu says he’s where it’s at.  
Love baby baby love here kitty, here!
Rat-a-tat sound waves in kitter-kat’s ear.

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