Wednesday, March 12

She Dreamed of You

She dreamed of you last night,
Though it wasn’t her intention,
And did I forget to mention
It was May?
This dream’s a thousand deep;
She has had it many times,
So the reason for this rhyme
Is hard to say.
The air was rife with restlessness.
It couldn’t have been warmer,
Yet you were a cold performer
In her play.
The world draped into haze.
You were older; she was younger.
Gazes circumvented hunger,
Had their way.
Your lives are strung together;
As a master guides his novice
So too you should not be flawless--
Go astray.
It will be what you will wish it:
Night whims form our everydays;
Illusions hold tempestuous sway.
She’s willing prey.

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